Steps to create an online store

A new research conducted by the famous website "Statistic" revealed that the rate of e-commerce sales in the Middle East and North Africa during the year 2022 reached 43 billion dollars, and worldwide sales amounted to 4.13 trillion dollars

Whether you are looking to sell your service or your products, Anyaa is your solution. Anyaa is your digital assistant which helps you run your online business professionally all over Saudi Arabia

In this blog, we are not going to talk about the field of e-commerce in its general sense, but we will help you find the key that will make you the digital entrepreneur you always wanted to be

1- Do you use the services of programming companies

2- Or use ready-made platforms

We will highlight to you the benefits that you will enjoy if you create your store through Anyaa but first let us summarize for you the important stages that precede the creation of an integrated digital store

Determine the goal of your online store

What is the goal of your online store? Are you looking to sell your services or your products? If you plan to establish an online presence for your business or company, you have to consider the objectives and the main purpose of your online store.

Second: Get to know your competitors in the market

Knowing who is competing with you will help you build your plan and determine the business strategy you will rely on

Conducting a competitor’s analysis helps you to innovate and stay on top of current trends and makes your business the best it can be for your customers.

Third: Start preparing an action plan

Action plans help break your project into small and defined tasks

Yours should be specific and simplified, leading you to the goals of your online store

Fourth: The logo and the name of the store

Creating a logo and store name gives your company an identity. A logo is the first thing that catches customers' attention, so you should give it importance to make a strong first impression

Fifth: You must have a commercial register

In order to open an online store, you must be registered with Maroof or have a Commercial Record. To register on Maroof, go to and click on the "Create Account" icon, then fill in the required fields

Now work on the visual identity of your store, the appropriate name and the attractive logo

If you follow all these steps perfectly, you'll be on the right path to start your online store. At Anyaa we offer our customers integrated plans and comprehensive solutions that are not limited to creating a store, our team of experts will accompany you through the whole process

Start now with Anyaa!