How to register on Maroof?

How do I register on Maroof is one of the most asked questions on social media and on Google. Maroof is an initiative launched by the Saudi Ministry of Commerce in cooperation with the company for Business Services, it is a new and useful service for all e-commerce dealers, whether as a seller or a buyer. The main goal of Maroof is to increase the chances of success of online stores and facilitate communication between customers and the stores.

Through this article, learn about the steps to register on Maroof:

What are the advantages of Maroof?

● There is no registration fee.
● You do not need a commercial register.
● Register on a Maroof through the Absher platform.

Frequently asked questions about Maroof:

What does Maroof offer?

According to the official website of Maroof, it is an initiative between the Ministry of Commerce and ثقة Business Services Company, with the aim of developing a useful service for all e-commerce dealers, whether as a seller or a buyer.

Do I need a commercial register to register on Maroof?

No, you do not need a commercial register but registering using a commercial register is possible.

After registering on Maroof, how do I get an icon and badge?

You will find in the explanation below on how to do this, but you can also find all the details in your account on Maroof.

How to register on Maroof?

Registering on Maroof is very easy, but it is required that you have an account through the Absher platform, if you do not have an account in Absher, you must register first, then continue to Maroof. Here are the steps to register on Maroof:

1- First you have to access the official page of Maroof by clicking on this link

2- You will then be transferred to the Absher e-services platform.
3- You must register on the Absher platform, in order to be able to register your online store on Maroof.
4- Now you have to log in through the national access page and log in through your Absher account.
5- You will then be directed to Maroof.
6- Click on the "Create Account" icon, and then fill in the required fields.
7- After logging in, click on the "My Business" icon and then the "Add a job" option.
8- Fill in the required fields and then click on the "Add Work" icon.

You will then receive a copy of the commercial registration via e-mail containing your commercial registration, the barcode of your record!

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